If you have someone in your family turning 80 soon, you would surely want to do something special for this person. The 80th birthday is a not like any other ordinary birthday, it is a monumental occasion and the celebrations on this day need to just as grand as the wholesome life lived by the person celebrating the 80th birthday.

The party organized for this day should be so special, that not only the person for whom the party is being thrown, but every guest attending the party should remember it and appreciate it for a very long time.

Planning this special birthday party would require some special ideas, which would celebrate the life and times of the person who has managed to complete 80 years of his or her life.


80th birthday party ideas

To help you make this amazing day in the life of your loved one, absolutely memorable, I present to you some very simple and creative ideas for planning the 80th birthday party celebrations.

Make An Early Start To Your Planning

Party planning

The 80th birthday is an occasion where you would want, everyone who has been a significant part of that person’s life to be present for the celebrations. Some of your relatives and friends may be living in far off places and hence require a good amount of time to plan their trip and come down for the party.

Therefore, it becomes important that you start planning the party well ahead of time, so that you are able to give all your guests, especially the outstation guest, ample of time to make plans for attending the party.

Here are some 80th birthday ideas.You can send the formal party invites closer to the party date, but it would be a good idea to at least send out an informal save the date card or message to the guests, so that everyone knows that an 80th birthday party is being planned by you and you want them to be a part of the same. These days people are using their smartphones to create some nice save the ate cards online and mail them to all the guests, thus, saving time, energy and money.

Plan Your Party Budget First


The first and the most important thing that you will need to do before you start making any preparations for the party, is to carefully plan your budget for the party. You need to figure out what is the maximum amount that you would be willing to spend on the party and whether there is someone lese who would be sharing this expense with you or not.

Depending on this budget decisions like whether to have a grand celebration or a more private affair would be made. It is also important that while figuring out the budget, you take into account all the possible expenses that you would have to incur for this party like party invitations courier charges for sending these invitations, food, music, decorations, gifts, favors, and anything and everything else that you can think for should be accounted for in the budget.

Pick The Date Carefully


For throwing a good birthday party, it is important that the day and the date of the party is carefully picked.

While you would want to pick a date which is close to the actual birthday date, it is also important that you make sure that the day of the party, is a holiday. In fact, you should try to look for a long weekend, since you would be inviting guests from out of town and they might need at least a three day holiday for coming to the party.

Hence be on the lookout for the upcoming school holidays and pick a date which you think would be most convenient for all the guests.

Think Of A Theme For The Party


When we say theme of a party here, we do not mean that you need to throw a royal theme party or a rock n roll theme party, but really you need to figure out what type of party you want to throw.

You might want to keep it a close family knit affair, or you may want to throw a surprise party, or you might actually want to go extravagant and choose an extravagant theme like rock n roll for the party.

This decision should be taken keeping in mind the likings and physical condition of the person for whom the party is being arranged for.


Prepare The Guest List Carefully

guest list

The 80th birthday party celebration of a person is as big an affair as the wedding of a person, and there are many people, who if not invited to this party, might feel offended.

Therefore, preparation and compilation of the guest list for this party is a very important job. You can always seek help from other members of your family in ensuring all the important names are included in your list and you have not forgotten anyone in the family.

It would also be nice if you can actually locate some of the old school and college friends of the person whose 80th birthday it is. Meeting these people from their past on their very special day, would surely bring smiles and some fond memories back for the birthday boy or girl.

Find The Right Party Venue

party venue

The next step in planning a great 80th birthday party is to search for the perfect location for the party. The party venue should fit in your budget and should be able to comfortably accommodate all the guests you have invited to the party.

While choosing the party location you might also want to consider the fact that most of the people coming to this party would belong to the older generation and therefore might not be very physically fit. Hence, you need to find a party venue which is easy to access, wheelchairs can be carried inside the venue and are friendly in all respects towards the needs of the old people.

Foods And Drinks


In 80th birthday ideas the menu that you set for this party would again be suitable for the palate of the older people present at the party. Surely you can add a few special dishes for the younger people present at the party as well.

While setting the menu for the party, make sure to include those dishes which are a favorite of the birthday person.

In case you are throwing the party at a restaurant, you would have to restrict yourself to their menu, but in case you are hiring caterers for the job, you can plan on getting some special dishes made which were a hit at parties thrown when the birthday boy or girl was in their prime of life.

Party Decorations


Just because it is an old person’s birthday party does not mean that you have to use blacks, whites and grays for the decoration of the party venue.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the use of colors for these parties and therefore, you can pick any combination of colors which you think will make the venue look attractive, or you can pick the favorite colors of the birthday boy or girl and use those colors for decorating the entire party venue.

Dance And Music


This is one of the best 80th birthday ideas, to keep the mood of any party lively is to hire a nice DJ or live band to play music during the party. You can request the band to play some of the favorite songs of the birthday boy or girl, or you can ask them to play some really lively music that would force people to come on the dance floor and not just have fun themselves, but entertain others as well.

You can also prepare a special song and dance act dedicated to the birthday boy or girl, letting them know how special they are for you and how much you love and cherish them.

Party Games

party games

This is not a kids party and therefore, you cannot plan games which require people to move around a lot. In fact, you might not even be able to expect most of the people at the party to stand for very long.

Therefore, the games that you would need to plan for this party would have to do more on the lines of trivia and quizzes, where all the questions in the game can be centered around the life and times of the birthday boy or girl.

These adult games can be really fun as they would bring back a lot of memories and some really hilarious stories from the past would get revealed.



This party will prove to be not just a celebration of the 80th birthday, but it would also prove to be a sort of a family reunion. You might actually end up meeting some of your cousins whom you probably didn’t even know existed.

Hence, it is essential that all the memories of this day get captured in the camera, so that even after the party is over, you are able to relive those memories for a very long time.

In fact, besides still photography, you should actually made arrangements for video photography to be done at the party as well, since the guests at the party are sure to do some really loving and funny gestures, which can be fun to watch later.

Collect Written Memories And Wishes


You can always place a scrapbook or a wishing tree in one corner of the party venue, and ask all the guests to write down their wishes and memories of the birthday boy or girl in that book, or on the tree.

To make the 80th birthday celebrations even more special you can actually place various photographs of the birthday boy or girl in different stages of life and the guests can pick the photo which is from the time when they first knew the person and write something special on the back of this photograph. Later you can take all these photos, make a collage out of them and hang the same in your living room or any other special corner of your house.

Birthday Cake


Hey, irrespective of whether the birthday party is for a small kid, a young boy or girl or for an 80 year old person, if it is a birthday party, birthday cake has to be present.

Get a really pretty and beautiful cake specially designed for the occasion made. If you have kept any special theme for the party, the design of the cake should then be in accordance with that theme.

Choose a universal flavor of the cake. In 80th birthday celebrations elders generally prefer vanilla, pineapple and chocolate flavors. The more funky flavors like red velvet, blueberry, may not go down too well with them, hence, stick to the traditional cake flavors only.

No Need For Favors


If you want to thank the guests for making the effort and taking out the time to come for the party, then you can choose to give out favors, but for a 80th birthday celebrations, distribution of these favors is not compulsory and you and your party would not be judged if you choose to not give out any favors to the guests.

Hence, check your budget, and if the same allows, only then think of giving favors, or else you can simply skip this aspect of a typical birthday party.

Give Special Dedication


This is very important content in 80th birthday ideas,towards the end of the party, you can make a speech, or show a video with slides of the life of the birthday boy or girl, as a dedication to that person.

Saving this for the last is important as these dedications generally end in tears and the whole atmosphere of the party becomes a little emotional and serious.

Hence, keeping them for the last will ensure that your party ends on a very strong emotional note.

I hope that the above tips will give you all the help that you need for planning a great 80th birthday party for that someone really special in your life.