Special 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

Yesterday I have got a mail from anonyms reader asking about some good 60th birthday gift ideas for dad. I was curious to answer his question as he was so excited about this special occasion.

I gave him few options that I would like to share with all of you who are also excited about celebrating their dad’s birthday to the fullest. I know it is a special moment which needs to be celebrated in a best way.

A father dedicate all his life working for his family with lots of family responsibilities. He works for his children’s future and invest his present for it. Days, weeks, months and years just pass away with all family and work responsibilities.

Talking about 60th birthday, at around sixty, a man is most probably going to retire or may be already retired. So this situation comes in part of selecting few suitable options. Like wise there are many things that should be in mind while choosing a gift for a sixty year old father.

So based on many factors like, age, preference and requirements, I want to suggest you few gift options first. Then after that I will give my recommended list of gifts.


60th Birthday gift ideas for dad

Now as I said, here I will suggest you some ideas that are perfect for your dad who is going to be sixty. So stay tuned and read all of these perfect ideas.


Senior Man On Running Machine In Gym

We all are aware that at age of sixty, human body is not that immune to fight against health issues. Sixty is not too old but still we are living in an era where we are more prone to get health issues. We should take care of our health and for those we love.

So I think you should gift something related to health and fitness. There are many things you can consider, I will give you few options later in my recommended list. So stay tuned.

Leisure time

Leisure times

As I said that at age of sixty a person is retired or most probably going to be. After retirement there is a lot more time to spend and at times it could be little boring to sit and do nothing if you have worked all of your life.

So keeping his leisure time in mind you should think about some gift ideas. Here are few things to be considered when you think about his leisure time.

  • Gift him something that could help him engage in some work.
  • You can gift something to make his leisure time more enjoyable.

Based on these two expect I am giving you some more options down below which serves the above purpose.

Hobbies or interest

Two men play guitar in Old Havana, Cuba.

As I said above that you must gift something that can make his leisure time enjoyable. So for this the best thing you can do is gift him something related to his hobbies or interest. I have seen that some parents have so much responsibilities all of their life that they hardly get time for their hobbies or their interest.

If you think your dad is one of them, then this is the time to encourage him for his hobbies and the best way you can do this by gifting him something related that could help him.

I will give you my dad’s example, he loves cooking a lot but he hardly get time for it as he is so busy with office work and other family responsibilities. So my plan is to gift him something related to cooking after his retirement and most probably on his 60th birthday. The same way you can also think about something similar.


Leisure time

I have often found that people when they get old loves to spend their time reading books. I have read this on many articles so I think and believe too that he will also love to spend his time reading some good books.

You can gift him some book of his interest or may be some spiritual or holly book. This will also keep him engaging.



Gardening is the best way that gives you piece, happiness from the divine nature and also let you engaged. I love gardening from my childhood, even my dad also love to spend his time taking care of our plants.

So if you think your dad will also love to go for it then why not to gift him something related to gardening and if he does not, then still I would recommend to give it a try. I am sure he will love it later.

Gift for his journey

Gift Diary

Gift him a diary where he can write about his journey of his life. At the age of sixty he must have seen and experience a lot of things in his life. Why don’t you ask him to write down his journey of life till now on your gifted diary. I think its an amazing idea for two reason, first it shows how important he is in your life second it will give him a proud dad feeling.

Proud dad Personalized

Worlds best dad

Completing sixty year is really a proud moment for him as he served all of his life for his family and you. You are proud to get a dad like him. So I think to make this occasion more special you need to gift him some personalized proud dad tagged things.

There are many options available for you, i.e Trophy, T-shirt, coffee mugs, etc.. You can get these things personalized by imprinting or engraving with some tag line.

Recommended 60th birthday gifts for dad


60th BD Vintage Dude Coffee Mug60th BD Vintage Dude Coffee Mug

If he is a coffee or tea lover, then definitely he would love to have this awesome coffee mug. Vintage dude gives you some amazing tag lines on the mug that represents a 60 year old man. Its print, color and structure gives it a thumbs up from my side.




H Potter Planter Wardian CaseH Potter Planter Wardian Case

As I said you can gift something related to gardening, I think this is the best suitable product if you don’t have big balcony or garden. Gift him this compact indoor planter which looks pretty amazing with its glass covering. Its very compact in size and thus easy to manage.



60th BD Vintage Dude Tankard60th BD Vintage Dude Tankard

If he loves having good time with his beer, then I would recommend this coolest tankard for him. It is a vintage dude tankard which is specifically dedicated for a sixty year old man. Its print is pretty awesome and eye catchy.




Aitao Journal DiaryAitao Journal leather Diary

Till now he must have experienced a lot of things in his life. Their must be some good phase and some bad. Why don’t you encourage him to write his life journey in this beautiful journal diary. Encourage him to write about his life so that his grand children and coming genes learn something from him.




Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker,Fitbit One Wireless Tracker

It is one of a smart health tracker that I found till now. This mini device is really smart with its most advance features. It helps you track all your daily activity, i.e distance you covered, how many stairs you climbed, how many calories you burned. Not only that it also tells you many hours you sleep or took rest.

Fitbit Flex Wireless WristbandFitbit Flex Wireless Wristband

It is also another product of Fitbit. It’s functions are same as the above one but it is a wristband. That means you can wear it on your wrist and it will give you all the data of your physical activity as well as your sleeping hours.




Phoenix 98623 Revolution Cycle Pro IIPhoenix Revolution Cycle Pro II

Going out for Cycling is sometimes boring but I tell you it is the best thing to do if you care about your health and body. So to make it really comfortable for your dad, this machine is perfect. He can use it at home and side by side he can watch TV or listen to music. This machine have got great reviews so I recommend this to all.



Ascot Eco Gardening Tote with Tool SetAscot Eco Gardening Tote Tool Set

If you are considering gifting him something related to gardening, then this is what I recommend. It is a tool set which helps you in gardening. It makes your work easy and helps you do it professionally. I am sure he will love using this amazing tool set.




The Golden Gourmet Gift BasketThe Golden Gourmet Gift Basket

If he is a foodie, then you can go for this amazing gourmet gift basket. This gift basket have got almost like 10 packs for different things, i.e from cookies to popcorn. This complete gift basket looks elegant and the packaging as a gift is out of the world.




ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIR RECLINERZero Gravity massage chair recliner

Let him enjoy his leisure time on this amazing piece of machine. It is a zero gravity massage recliner which massage your all parts of body which are most prone to pain and needs to be relaxed. Its zero gravity technology gives the best results, it’s a new technology that has just arrived in market.




projectorViewSonic DLP Projector

If he loves watching movie, then this high quality projector is perfect gift for him. Let him enjoy his favorite movies on big screen. It’s features and quality is commendable.  Few years back I have advised one of my friend to gift a projector to his dad who has celebrated his 63th birthday. His dad really loved the gift.


Dimmable LED Desk LampDimmable LED Desk Lamp

Gift this charming desk lamp to your dad, if he loves reading at night. It is a dimmable LED desk lamp. You can dim the light to your convince and can use anywhere. It gives you four additional mode for different purposes, i.e reading, relaxing, studying and sleeping.




Montblanc gift setMontblanc Gift Set

It is an awesome gift set for men. It gives a starwalker due ballpoint pen and set of premium cufflinks. It is a premium gift set that you will surely love to gift your dad.




Family Tree Picture FrameFamily Tree Picture Frame

He is sixty and it is quit obvious that he have many special people in his life and that’s obvious that those people are his family members. So gifting this amazing family picture frame tree to him with all family member pictures framed will be a perfect and  precious gift for him.




Montblanc Meisterstuck WalletMontblanc Meisterstuck Wallet

Gift your dad this brand new lather wallet. A man at any age uses a wallet so I think in any way he going to like it. It is a Montblanc product which is a well known big company. This is a quality premium product that you can gift your dad.




I assume that you have picked some 60th birthday gift ideas for your dad from the list. This is really a special occasion that needs to be the best, so go ahead and pick some gift ideas from the list and make his day memorable.