Selecting a birthday gift for woman who is turning fifty is quite a tough task. So here i ill be sharing with you some shortlisted 50th birthday gift ideas for her. These are very age specific so i am sure you going to find what you are looking for.

Your wife is turning 50 and you want to give a nice gift to her? 50th birthday is a landmark birthday in everyone’s life, and if this person is your wife, then it becomes even more special. Turning 50 will mark a new phase in her life, when she would have mostly completed all her responsibilities, and your kids would have been old enough to look after themselves. This then becomes the age of indulgence and giving in to your interests and hobbies.

Being a woman, she is constantly caught up in relationships from all sides, and so all the more reason for you to make this big day for her as special as you can.

Choosing a gift for a woman is always a difficult task as no two women have the same likes and dislikes. There are some specific gift items that she would expect, and then there are some gifts that may come as a surprise to her but may not be of her preference.

So, if you really want to make it special for her, then give her a thoughtful gift, one that is unique yet useful. By the time she reaches her 50th birthday, there are high chances that she would have spent over two decades with you, and you would exactly know what are the gifts that she would cherish.

Recommended 50th birthday gift ideas for her

So, here is a consolidation of some gift ideas that you could choose from to ensure that she feels totally loved and pampered on her big day.

book for 50s50 Ways To Leave Your 40s

As she approaches a major milestone of her life, gift her this book which will take her through an incredible journey of the last five decades of her life, and remind her that 50s are going to be the best time of her life. The book has funny anecdotes, incidences and methods for keeping life as lively as it has been for past years. She will cherish this gift, and will love you loads for being so thoughtful.



50 years old flipflop50 Year Old Diva Flip Flops


All women love their flip flops, and this is the best way to celebrate her 50th year, with this cool pair of flip flops saying ’50 Yrs Old And Fabulous’. To see her dressed up with these flip-flops and roaming around like a little girl is going to make your day for sure.



fun family history pillowFun Family Pillow

This fun family pillow comes in cotton canvas material with pillow being polyester. It can be customized for the lady with 6 important dates of her life, and 20 characters related with these dates. You could also include her date of birth, anniversary date, birth date of kids or any other date that may have a special place in her heart.




name meaning mugsThe Meaning Of Name Mug


It’s one of the best in personalized gift.Its a name mug that will carry the meaning of her name on it, and the attributes associated with her name. She will definitely feel special while sipping from this mug and is sure to think about you each time she drinks from it.



1965 penny earringsPenny Earrings

These penny earrings are not just the regular ones. These come with a penny circa 1965. The earrings are of copper and have amethyst beads to make them attractive, and so will be the best birthday gift for 50 year old woman who loves jewelery.




tstar teesFunny Women’s T-Shirt

This t-shirt is a smart one and has the stamp of authentication on it, certifying her of the vintage that she belongs to. Available in multiple sizes, it comes in red, blue and black colour. Pick up the colour of her choice, and see her flaunting her smart T-shirt.




tiaraA Silver Tiara

Make her feel like a princess by gifting her this silver tiara, It can also have number 50 mentioned across. No woman is too old to look and feel like a princess, and so this is the perfect gift for the woman on her 50th birthday who is about to start a new chapter of her life.




50TH BUTTERFLY AND CROSSbutterfly and crossA Scarf

This scarf is going to be a pretty present, just like the lady of your dreams. The design of the scarf contains a cross and the print reads ‘Loved by Jesus For 50 Years’. It also has rainbow splashes of various colors make the scarf look attractive and meaningful as well. Any woman who gets this as a gift is sure to feel special and will appreciate your thought behind it.




Personalized Mirror Jewelry Box

Personalized Mirror Jewelry Box

This personalized mirror jewelery box is a delicate item. It has multiple mirrors around its sides. You can also personalize this box with a message of your choice, and there is no way that she is putting the box down once she gets it as a gift.




normal_emerald-birthstone-locket-necklaceBirthstone Locket Necklace

This will remind her of her own beauty. This birthstone necklace is made of the birthstone of your loved one. A handmade necklace, the birthstone hangs in a glass casing through a delicate chain. The gift can also contain a personalized message for her to know how much she means to you, and how important her 50th birthday is to you.




keychainVintage Keychain

This basic round button keychain is a fun and funky gift with a message ’50 and aged to perfection’. The key chain is cute and simple at the same time, basically a thing that will be liked by all.





laid back driver turned magneticJust Turned 50 Magnetic Sign

‘Honk! Driver Just Turned 50’ – A fun magnetic sign for her to signify the many changes that comes with turning 50 years old. If she can take a good joke, and feel happy about it, then gift her this magnetic sign, and don’t miss the laughter.




pink fizz lip balm & bath salts giftLip Balm And Bath Salts Gift Handbag

Gift her these bathroom gifts that contains bath salts and lip balm. A little indulgence in luxury is always liked by all women, and she is sure to fall in love with the sweet fragrance of these salts that will make her feel as gorgeous as she is.




gift basket50th Birthday Gift Basket

A nostalgic 50th birthday gift for her, this contains a 24 page trivia booklet along with a humor book and some retro candy. As she will go through the contents of the basket, they will take her to a trip down the memory lane of the fifty years gone by.




tote bagDiva Tote Bag

Bags are always a hit with the women. This tote bag mentions ‘This Diva Is 50 And Fabulous’. By the time she turns 50, she will be embracing her age and looking forward to the next phase of her life, so this gift becomes just the best 50th birthday gift for her.



Glow By Jennifer Lopez For WomenPerfume From Jennifer Lopez For Women

A good perfume is something that no woman can resist. ‘Glow’ by Jennifer Lopez for Women has the perfect woman-like fragrance and is packed in a pink bottle that even looks attractive. A safe gift on her 50th birthday if she is choosy with her purchases.




50 & fabulousFifty And Fabulous Compact Mirror

A compact mirror to signify the 50 important years of her life. It is a gift that is useful and thoughtful at the same time, and will surely be liked by her. You could also personalize it with her photo or text of your choice.





Bursts of Birthday WishesBurst Of Birthday Wishes Plant

Gift her this plant for her to nurture it and look after it. A plant always signifies life, and so unlike other material gifts, this one will stay with her forever, and be a reminiscence of her 50 years of life.





hobby classesA Hobby Class

If she has been looking for a hobby class for a long time or has been discussing about pursuing a particular interest with you, then there will be no better 50th birthday present for her than giving her a trial class of that hobby as a gift. Since it is a trial class, you do not invest without her consent, and yet fulfill one of her desires.



sponser vbacationsThe Perfect Vacation

If it has been a long time since you took a vacation or if she has been talking about a dream destination for a long time, then this is the perfect time to gift her a getaway to that location, and celebrate her 50th birthday in style.



Women love their gifts if they are packed and presented perfectly, and so if you have picked up any of the ideas from the above mentioned list, make sure you add a bunch of roses and chocolates to it, to make it best 50th birthday gift for her.