After a very long time I have got a chance to write for youngies. I really love to share my ideas for young age group as it makes me excited. So today I came up for all the girls who are struggling to find some suitable gifts for their guys for 21st celebration. So here I will give you some of the awesome 21st birthday gift ideas for him.

At age of 21 a guy is most prominent to like things that are more of exciting, loud, out of the box kind of things. I still remember when I was 21, what kind of things I use to like and what have changed over the years.

A guy at 21 is more interested in exploring new things so if you can manage to gift those kind of presents to him then that could turn up as a gift he will go crazy for.

21st birthday gifts list for him

Recommended 21st birthday gifts for him

Now your wait is over, down below you will find few perfect suitable 21st Birthday Gift Ideas for him. I have covered almost all the things a guy would love to get or in other words I can say these are some gifts that will suit any young guy’s interest.

Rackies Shooter Glasses


If he loves taking shots of tequila, whisky or vodka, then this one is perfect for him. This is a stainless steel glass which looks amazing with the Rackies logo printed on it. Its funny print will always bring smile on his face for sure.

Funny Office Gifts


After 21 a guy is most probably a graduated student who is just looking forward to work in any company. If this is the scenario, then gift this funny and unique present to him. It is like a calendar with different moods, i.e I am happy, I am sad, Back in 5 minutes, Nap for 3 minutes, do not disturb, etc.. He can use this awesome calendar for his office table.

Gangsters Mug Shots


Gift him these gangster printed mug shots that looks very stylish and unique. It is a gift set of 6 different glasses and each one with different gangster picture with few lines written about them. Their prints are pretty eye catchy and comes in a gift box that also looks very stylish.

Big Mouth Toys Grenade Mug


This mug is perfect option for any gifts for 21 year old guy who loves coffee or tea. It is a mug with hand grenade shape. I really liked this product because of its unique look and as I said guy at this age try to explore new things. I am sure he will also love to flaunt this amazing mug in front of his friends.

Jack Daniel’s funnel gift set


Every guy knows what jack Daniel is. If he is a drinker then I am sure he is also a fan of jack Daniel. This gift set is specially designed for people who are fan of jack Daniel. The set comes with two shot glasses, one stainless steel glass and a flask funnel. As it is a gift set, it comes in a very stylish box.

Shaving Gift Set


This option can be one of the most useable gifts for 21 year old Guy.He is a growing man and every man have his personal requirements. I am sure he must have already grown up to have beard. So for his shaving requirement, gift this classy shaving gift set on his birthday. It comes with every thing that is required for shaving, i.e razor, bowl, brush and a stand.

Burt’s Bees Skin Care Gift Set


For his personal skin care, gift this Burt’s bees set. This gift set is perfect to gift any guy. It comes with an aftershave, shave cream, deodorant, soap, body wash etc.. It comes in a nice gift box which you can be decorated with your own style.

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table


What amazing can you gift a young guy than a soccer table. A guy no matter from which part of the world will love to get soccer table as a gift for his birthday. So let him enjoy his leisure time with the Hathaway playoff soccer table.

Mont Blanc Legend Gift Set


Mont Blanc is a very known company from years. This gift set is specially designed for men who are young, energetic and still love to be causal. The gift set comes with EDT spray, Shower gel and an aftershave balm. This is all a man needs to keep himself fresh and energetic all day long.

Hombre Perfume gift set


Let him smell so nice that he attracts everyone around him and create his presence, whether in office, study place or gym. This perfume gift set give you some of the finest fragrance perfumes that last long a day. You will get three different bottles each different fragrance.

Valet Tray


Guys are generally found to be un organized when it comes to place there wallet, money, phone, keys etc.. It happens with me as well, LOL. So to help him organize his things well, you can gift this amazing tray valet without any doubt. It has got 5 compartments that means he can manage almost every little thing in this box separately.

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Headphones


Bose is one of the best company in the world that manufacture some of the great products. One of such example is this one, it’s a wireless Bluetooth headphone. Its sound quality is out of the box, it is so amazing as you can find in the reviews.It can run for 15 hours, once charged. Also it has a lot many features that can stun anyone.

Fossil Canvas NS Commuter Bag


Gift him this casual yet classy bag on his birthday. It is one of the best bag I came across after finding a lot. Its classy, stylish, casual light weight and comes in a premium quality. This bag is suitable to carry anywhere from traveling a long way to just a carrying casually to any place.

Wireless Activity Wristband


As I said at this age a guy would be interested in looking fit and so it is quit obvious that will like to have things which can help him being fit. This wireless activity wristband is one of the best thing you can gift him, if you care about his fitness. It will keep him motivated all the time to be fit.

General 21st birthday present ideas for him

You can go any way to find gifts for him but here in this brief list I will give you some of gift categories which will suit his age and preferences. So read all these ideas to make yourself know what could be the perfect gift for him. After this list I will share my recommended gift list with you, so stay tuned.

Unique gifts – Generally a guy would love to explore new things he might have not used before, something unique. He probably won’t like most obvious gifts, but if you gift him something that is out of the box, then that surely will make his birthday special.

Funny gifts – You can gift him something funny that can bring smile on his face or some kind of prank gifts. Funny gifts are always memorable so you can gift him something that is funny. I would like to give you my example. Last year my brother celebrated his 21st birthday and I gifted him few gifts one of which was a funny piggy bank. It was like a man ass hole which serves the purpose of putting some money. He really liked the gift and he still use it to save money.

Fitness gift – He is young and mostly he would be interested in things that would make him fit. I have found that guys at this age are more conscious about their fitness. So gifting something related to fitness would be cool. For example – you can gift him gym membership, fitness digital band, diet products, etc..

Fascinating stuff – You can gift him something which is fascinating to his age and preferences. There are many fascinating things you can gift him. Here are few options you consider.

Fashion – Young men are found to be more inclined towards trends and fashion. Where ever I go I see young men with fashionable cloth and stylish accessories that means, guys are really interested in flaunting fashionable things. This is one more option on which you should look into for gifts.

These general ideas will help you select some gifts for 21 year old male for his birthday. So take your time to think of some gifts in these section, I am sure you will find many 21st birthday gift ideas for him. I have shared some more list of gifts which I think are perfect for any 21 year old guy.

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I think a 21 year old guy would love to get any of the gift from the list as these gifts are listed after keeping a guys choices and preferences in mind. I hope you have liked this list of 21st birthday gifts for him.